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Birthday Cakes Northampton By Glady’s Gourmet Cakes is an independent custom cake design business located in the exclusive neighborhood of Grange Park- Northamptonshire.

Founded by Gladys Ania a professional cake decorator and cake artist, we specialist in creating stunning cakes that are delectable edible art. Our reputation is built on a long list of loyal customers who patronize our business and continue to recommend us.

At Glady’s Gourmet Cakes, we source the finest ingredients and employ artisan skills to guarantee outstanding cakes. We also ensure you have a great experience from your first contact to your last slice by tailoring your cake to suit you.

We pride ourselves in providing a seamless hassle-free service for your cake needs by exclusively delivering your wedding cake within the Northamptonshire area and beyond.

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Birthday Cakes Northampton

Bring Your Dream Cake Design To Life

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our custom cakes


Our custom cake design process is customer-led giving you complete choice over your cake needs while we provide necessary guidance.


We combine creativity and fine skills to create a show stopper for your occasion.


We have a varied range of custom designs to suit any occasion such as birthdays, baby shower, christening and anniversaries.


Created with the same dedication and skills just like our cakes. Our cupcakes feature a gourmet selection and a themed box.

Experience gourmet birthday cakes delivered right to your door in Northampton with Gladys Gourmet Cakes.

Birthday cakes are what makes our special day even more enjoyable; they’re something everyone looks forward to! Since a stunning presentation or design is what makes food so enjoyable, with our delicious gourmet cakes, we deliver only the best.

If you’re looking for the best cake shops in Northampton or even cupcake delivery in Northampton, we’ve got you covered. Indulge in delicious flavours, stunning designs, and personalised cakes of the most luxurious quality – only at Gladys’!

To place your order for cake delivery in Northampton, give us a call today!

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Best Birthday Cakes Northampton – Freshly Baked Creations for Your Celebration

At Gladys Gourmet Cakes, we create custom cakes that are visually stunning to make any birthday celebration all the more sweeter. Whether you choose to go for a themed birthday cake or cupcakes, we have several designs, flavours, and filling options that cater to all palates.

For your birthday celebration, let one of the best cake shops in Northampton design and create for you a cake so stunning with incredible flavours that bring a smile to everyone’s face.

With us, you get to experience the quality of luxurious custom cakes, right from the first bite – it’s nothing short of dessert heaven!

If you’re looking for birthday cakes delivered in Northampton, give us a ring today!


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Gladys Gourmet Cakes – Best Custom Cakes for Every Birthday Celebration

At Gladys, we source the finest ingredients and employ artisan skills to guarantee outstanding cakes for your birthday celebration. We also provide the best customer service so that you have a great experience right from when you call us to the cake delivery.

Our customers are very important to us, so we strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free service for your cake needs in Northampton.

With textbook flavours, artistic designs, and customising options – you can get incredible personalised birthday cakes in Northampton. For enquiries or to place an order for birthday cakes in Northampton, give us a call on 07311283783 today!

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